How to create tasks that recur without a due date in Todoist

Every now and then you'll come across something you'd like to do from now on, a habit you want to create, maybe an extra task you want to complete each day.

So you'll open up Todoist and create a task:
Play the piano for 5 minutes every day

Now this will appear in your To-Do List every day. Great!

Until you start to get bogged down by all the real work you need to get done every day. Now that task is 3 days overdue, and all those other tasks that you hoped to accomplish are just clogging up your screen.

Well, we have a great solution for you! It involves using IFTTT (a web app called "if this then that") to recreate tasks that were recently completed.

Here's how a never ending task works

Tasks you create in this certain project will automatically reappear shortly after you complete them.

Follow these simple steps:
  1. Create a project called Never Ending Tasks or simply import this empty project

  2. Sign up for and connect your Todoist applet

  3. Turn on this applet

  4. Add your never-ending-tasks to your Never Ending Tasks project.

Here's an example of my task from above:
Play the piano for 5 minutes

Now this task will reappear only after I've completed it, and it won't show up in my overdue list!

*Note: labels, priority, due dates, and notes do not currently work. This has to do with the limitations of IFTTT. To remove tasks, you will need to delete or archive them.

Jeffrey Wyman

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